Temperature. Annual average is 74.8†, average low in January is 64† and average high in July is 82†. Nearly every day in August averages 90†.

Air Quality. One of the cleanest in all of Florida, total suspended particulate value is a low 43, Florida standard is 150-TSP’s.

Climate. Humid, sub-tropical.

Rain. Yearly average is 49 ½inches a year, with approximately two-thirds occurring June through September. These rains have a cooling effect during the hot summer days.

See a live image on the Gasparilla Marina web cam.

Hurricanes. Hurricanes simply cannot be predicted. Who knew that we would have a 4.9 Hurricane Ian deliver a direct hit to our little island on Septmber 28, 2022!  In the unlikely event of a mandatory evacuation, you may be asked by authorities to leave the island. Keep in mind that the house sits 20 feet above the dune so storm surge is a minimal threat. The Rondavel (a Deltec hurricane-resistant home) has been engineered to withstand 200 knot winds, and has high impact resistant windows.

The water. The ocean waters on LGI are calm, clear, and shallow – perfect for children.