Since LGI is a bridgeless barrier island, there are no cars. What few exist are for construction or service use. It is unlikely you will ever even see a car. The normal mode of transportation is by foot or by golf cart. We have an electric golf cart that we rent separately for $50/day or $250/week plus a $300 refundable deposit. Just let us know if you want to rent the golf cart before you reserve the house and we will include it. Children under 14 are not allowed to operate a golf cart in Florida. If you require a 2nd cart, this can sometimes be arranged by us. LGI Cart Rentals is the only commercial establishment on the island – contact them early if you wish to rent a cart from them Little Gasparilla Island Carts – Home | Facebook. Golf carts are not allowed on the beach itself but there is plenty of parking at the entrance of the walkway that goes across the dunes to the beach.


Boat rentals are readily available through a variety of companies. Some companies have new boats while others rent older well used boats. Newer boats tend to be very reliable while older boats are not so reliable. On the other hand, newer boats are more expensive to rent.

Gasparilla Marina (800-541-4441 or 941-697-2280). See their live webcam and daily tide charts.

Abes Boat Rentals. (941-662-9639)

Learning about operating a boat in unfamiliar waters. Download two excellent publications. The first is U.S. Aids to Navigation System, by the U.S. Coast Guard. The publication is designed to help the boater better understand the U.S. aids to navigation system and how lights work. The second  is The Florida Boater’s Guide by The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website. This site includes a Florida fish identification guide and discusses rules of the road, legal requirements of boating, VHF radio, and lots of basic boating information. Finally, print out a nautical chart from the Office of Coast Survey (#11425).

Anchoring boats on the dock. We need to be clear that you are responsible for any and all boat damage incurred by or at the dock. A maximum 24 foot boat is allowed. Should you bring a larger boat, you would need to pay the resulting $500 fine that will occur. If you rented a boat and you are not sure how to tie it up properly, be sure to ask the rental company for proper instructions. If you own your own boat you should know how to do this. Please be in touch with us prior to your arrival so that we can send you all the necessary information you will need for docking your boat. Only one boat is permissible and a special tag visible to all relevant authorities is obtained from us and placed on the guest boat at the guest dock.

Each person on the water is required to have a life preserver which the U.S. Coast Guard refers to as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). There are a limited number of PFD’s for your use if kayaking on the water – and which we hope will fit. An improper sized PFD will not do you much good. If you have your own – bring it. If you are thinking about buying one, then do so in order to ensure a proper fit.