Our home is not only unique by being round but outperforms traditional homes in terms of sustainability, strength, quality, and design.

The Deltec home comes standard with energy efficiency. The circular home is hurricane resistant. The round shape, quality of materials, and fortified engineering are just some of the factors that has ensured that the company has not lost a house in over 45 years to hurricane winds of any kind.  See here for the anatomy of a high wind and hurricane resistant home. All windows are high impact resistant and provide strong protection from flying debris while increasing the safety, security, ultraviolet protection and energy efficiency of the home. The Deltec Home has 15 % less exterior surface area than a rectangular home of the same size. This translates into higher efficiency. Energy to cool the home is also lower for a round home.

All appliances are energy star rated. We all compost all vegetable matter in our composters and use the resulting fertilizer for the fruit trees and gardens.